A short and sweet explanation of what a macronutrient is, why people count them and what macro coaching can do for you!


 Ever wondered what exactly a carbohydrate is and why it matters with regards to energy? Check out this explanation of what carbs are and why they get a bad rep! 


If you have ever wondered what proteins are and what role they play in your body,  then wonder no more,  BTS Nutrition breaks it down for you in this video!


Fat free, low fat, do we need fat? Is cholesterol the same thing as fat?? Check out this video to get all your fatty questions answered!

A Beginner's Guide to My Fitness Pal

 Unfamiliar with my fitness pal and how to use it for macros? Then check out this video and once you’re done you’ll be a pro. The my fitness pal blog has additional resources as well at

Tips and Tricks for Eating Out

Not sure what to do when you have a special event or go out to a resturant for dinner? Check out this video for some helpful tips and tricks!

How to Take Accurate Measurements and Before and After Pics

Accurate measurements and quality before and after pictures are crucial for clients to be able to see and track progress! Join 3 times CrossFit Games athlete, Corynne Francis, as she walks us through how to take useful and accurate picture and measurements

Metabolic Fuel

Check out this great videoThis quick description of our approach at BTS towards fueling your body to improve your metabolism and support physical activity. 

Pre and Post Workout Suggestions

Need advice on how to fuel before and after your workouts?? Check out this video for some general guidelines and then reach out to us for a personalized plan just for you!

BTS Tackles Supplements

Curious about supplements! Coach Heather and one of our RD'S Lauren, answer some commonly asked questions on the most common supplements today!