Client Weight Loss and Lean Mass Gains


Jessie Singer

From as far back as I can remember I have always struggled with body image. I remember even as early as Kindergarten comparing myself to the other girls and thinking that I was built differently. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that I started acting out on this. Bulimia began to sneak into my life around this time and really grabbed hold…fast.  It became addicting and the biggest coping mechanism for anything that went on in my life whether it was good or bad. I was able to keep this part of me a secret for quite a long time but in 2017 it had gotten out of control. I am so thankful for my friends and family who helped me see the bigger picture and that getting help was nothing to be ashamed of. 

 I had just recently gotten out of a 4 month program at Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders to help get me and my life back on track. The program helped me immensely but I soon realized that the work didn’t stop the second I got out. In fact it was a lot harder. I had just started working with Heather Louise of Breakthrough Strength. My goal was simple. To view food in a healthier manner. I really didn’t think it could be done.. I was almost to the point of just accepting I would have a skewed relationship with food for life.  Macro Numbers  246 C/ 55 F/ 123 P 

 2 weeks ago. MUCH happier, MUCH healthier, and eating WAY more food. Current Macro numbers: 375 C/ 66 F/ 145 P If you would of told me a year ago that I would be eating this much food, losing fat, gaining lean mass, performing better, and not letting bulimia consume my every move I would of totally laughed. I promise it can be done. I still have a long road ahead but the more I continue along with macros the more I am realizing how much more IN CONTROL of food I am. Food has lost its power over me. Surround yourself with people who pick you up, encourage you to keep going, and give you tough love even when you don’t want to hear it.  

Tom Andre

I needed help. I was not terribly out of shape, but was struggling. In Nov. '17, I had a fairly minor surgery to repair 3 hernias, but the minor surgery came with a series of negative ripple effects from that surgery where I got out of condition, put on a few lbs., and developed some bad habits (i.e., eating, sleeping late, etc...). I was in a rut. Breakthrough Strengths 6-week challenge, my star coach, Melissa Hladik, and the group camaraderie helped me to get on the program, stay connected and involved, and get back on track if I fell off. The results: I have increased my discipline, my obligation and accountability to others (and even more so, the accounting to myself for myself. I not only track what they recommend, but program for the next day. It's not always perfect, but it's pretty. Thus far, I am down 8lbs and am in better condition than I was prior to the surgery. A bonus: The ripple effect can also work in positive ways. I much better about managing sleep, making my bed, balancing finances, and tracking other things than I need to track in other parts of my personal and business life (not just what they recommend.) It's been a win-win! 

Dave Moore

 I highly recommend BTS to anyone wanting to make some changes in their diet. Their team is truly capable of helping you with the big changes and the small. I have seen many people at Crossfit Dwala make significant improvements in their fitness and health lifes from big weight loss to dialing in on your nutrition to optimize performance. For me, through one of their frequent 6 week challenges, I was able to work with Maria, one of their awesome dieticians, to really dial in on a customized nutrition plan that is helping me cut the fat, build muscle and eat a more balanced diet fit to my needs! All the while gaining more energy for my workouts in the gym, out running, in the pool, at work or just in my daily family life! I feel awesome and plan on continue with BTS after the 6 week challenge ends. Their approach is simple, easy to understand, and tailored for you to succeed. Maria has been super encouraging and motivating when honestly I had zero idea what "counting macros" was when I started. Highly recommend them to anyone wanting to make some changes! 

Kevin Woody

I was introduced to BTS through Crossfit Dwala and have loved every aspect of it. From the Guidance the nutritionists give, the great videos that break down the key points of nutrition, and the accountability it makes for a complete package.

I have competed in long distance endurance events off and on for the past 30 years. One the issues I have always had is my nutrition, both in training and competing. In the short period of time I have worked with BTS I see where huge improvements can be made by simply eating the right foods, at the right time, and in the proper combinations. I look forward to putting my new found knowledge to the test this fall when I compete in the 6 Gap Bike race in North Georgia.

Thank you to Heather and my nutritionist Lauren for the knowledge and encouragement.

Kimberly Webb

 I thought I had reached "that age" where my metabolism was starting to slow down and the weight gain was inevitable. I was wrong! I joined the Breakthrough Strength Holiday Accountability Challenge because I wanted help staying on track during that time of year that's so focused on parties and food. I LOST weight during the holidays (who does that?) but I also GAINED so much more. I gained great ideas and accountability from the others in the challenge group. I got motivation to stay on track and stay focused on my goals during a time of the year when I usually throw goals and discipline out the window. I received encouragement from an amazing coach who helped me plan my food with realistic suggestions for meals and snacks and also praised my successes and gently nudged me to keep moving forward even after small setbacks. I not only lost weight during the holidays, a vacation and a kitchen renovation; I gained energy and confidence. I FEEL amazing and am so thankful for the tools that I have been given to be my best self by Breakthrough Strength and their amazing coaches. 

Nicole Hatcher

Wonderful resource for nutrition and fitness! Such a great team who really cares about developing healthy lifestyles and helping you reach your goals! 

What Our Customers Are Saying...


Angela Wagner

 I was tired of being tired. It didn't even matter if I was sleeping great, I always seemed to be tired. And I was tired of it! When my 5yr old came home from school and asked me to play and I had to say, Mommie just needs to rest for 15 min, it broke my heart. I had to do something different. I just didn't know what. I was SO excited when Heather told me about the BTS Challenge. It was just what I had prayed for and exactly what I needed! Within the first week I wasn't tired anymore! I feel amazing. I've lost weight, too, which is a super side-bennie! But best of all, even on the busiest days, no more 4pm slump, I've got the energy to play! Thank you,  BTS! Angela Wagner, England 

Kari Joyner

 It has been an amazing experience!! From macros, to workouts, to frustrations and successes the support has been amazing! The coaches are inspiring, motivating, and extremely knowledgeable!! I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn about how to properly fuel their body! I have eaten more than I ever have and not gained a pound, I feel better, increased endurance and hopefully when I measure lost a few inches too!! Thank you for an amazing experience!!!! 

Karyann Hull

 I absolutely can't say enough good things about this amazing staff. They are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, and motivating. They share their struggles, so you know everything you are going through you are not alone! Working with them just in six weeks, I've lost a few pounds, but more importantly I've lost inches, but gained lots of strength (all the PRs!) and confidence back in the gym. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! �� Shoutout to Jana! � 

Allen Allnoch


Breakthrough Strength coaches offer a great combination of expertise and encouragement, allowing clients to reach their fitness goals and have fun doing it. Spending the past six weeks tracking macros with guidance and supervision from my coach has revolutionized my perspective on eating effectively, which in turn leads to better workouts and a continued feeling of strength and alertness throughout the day.


Cassy Ray

 5 stars for Breakthrough Strength. The Coaches took the time to work with me and change my macros/goals weekly and also checked in to see how my energy and strength also felt through my first challenge. Happy to say that I feel better than I have in quite a long time and have been able to see those gains in numbers across the weeks :) Cheers! 

Sierra Linton

 After having my 4th baby in October of 2016 I have had a harder time getting back on track to eat healthy, live a more active lifestyle and lose that baby weight. Heather and the whole BTS team have been awesome and help coach you through everything and they are very inspiring and encouraging through emails, messages, FB groups and live video. I never ate so much protein and carbs before and I am hoping to keep it up and make this a lifestyle change for good. In the past 6 weeks I have actually lost 13 pounds and several inches in all. I am so glad I took the step to sign up for the BTS challenge :) Thank you 

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Jamie Riordian

 I gained a lot of weight with my first child and kept on a lot of that weight since having him almost 4 years ago. I have had a second child since then and knew I needed to change something in order to be able to keep up with them. I had been tracking my food for some time but after getting help from Jana to set some specific food goals and adding in daily exercise, I am finally back at pre baby weight but that's not what's important! I feel amazing, I fit into clothes differently than I ever have, I can eat what I want but have developed healthier habits naturally (leaving room to splurge every once in a while)! The most recent challenge has helped me pick up my motivation when it was lacking and has given me a great community of people to help keep me accountable! I couldn't recommend enough how great it is working with these coaches and jumping in a challenge 

Lisa Wear

 I cannot begin to tell you how much BTS has done for me! I have been pretty consistent at working out for a long time, but didn’t see a ton of growth until BTS helped me change my nutrition and learn how to fuel myself properly for what I wanted to achieve. Heather knew exactly what I needed and how to guide me to my goals. I love the personal attention I received and the nonstop support. Thank you so much, Heather and BTS, for a great program! 

Leslie Atkins

 My experience with Breakthrough Strength nutrition coaching has been EXCELLENT! I worked mainly with Heather, and she was AMAZING. Her knowledge about nutrition and fitness has been spot on and I have seen results. During the 6 week challenge, I lost 5 lbs and it was all FAT! My body fat percent fell 3 percentage points. I learned how to eat and eat well all because of the coaching and accountability at Breakthrough Strength. Not only did I lose fat, I improved on my performance at the gym. Losing fat and improved performance were actual goals that I set prior to the challenge and I REACHED my goals! Incredible! Heather invested in me. She encouraged me, helped me, and taught me a lot! THANK YOU to Heather and all the other coaches at BTS 

Anna Beck

 The most knowledgeable sports nutritional coaches I’ve ever worked with! 

Beckles Bernotat

I am glad that I came across BTS through my coach. I had struggled for some time to find the right balance of fitness and food which was not an easy task for a [somewhat] vegan like me. Focusing on what macros were right for me, I saw noticeable improvements in energy, strength & endurance, and body composition once I got the hang of logging my meals daily. It was not an overnight success but keeping track of everything helped me see that progress WAS made over a period of time. Since starting BTS in November I have lost almost a stone in weight and lost a couple inches but most importantly my body has redefined itself so much that now I feel like I need a new wardrobe. Clothes are barely hanging on! Not to mention that my strength has increased that I can now Rx on most movements and my endurance…well, I no longer feel like I am going to die at the end of a workout and that’s saying something. All in all, I love what BTS has done for me and the wonderful community that was built with my fellow athletes. So, thank you! .

Erika Crew

I was introduced to BTS through my friend and coach. I was skeptical at first, considering I didn't even know what a "macro" was. I homeschool our children, do not attend a gym regularly, and have little time to devote to myself and my fitness. I love to run, as it is my stress reliever, and we do make family fitness a priority. However, I had hit a plateau before joining BTS' fitness challenge. It quickly became the motivation and nutritional education that I needed to begin a new fitness journey. Over the past month, I have been challenged to eat in a way that fuels my fitness and to work out in a way that was way outside of my comfort zone. With the much needed help from my coach, I have more energy, have gotten faster and stronger, I get excited about trying new workouts, and have also seen a stronger passion for fitness instilled in my kids. The BTS team, and my coach in particular, provided irreplaceable motivation and nutritional insight to fit my needs and my lifestyle. Thank you BTS (and Jana)! 

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Denise St. Angelo-Crider

I have enjoyed my fitness/nutrition challenge with BTS. Who would have thought you could eat more and maintain your weight, while increasing energy and muscle mass? I am a runner and have always focused on the exercise, not nutrition to a great extent. With zoning in on the right macros for me, I am fitter, faster and just feel better throughout the day. Thank you to Lauren, my coach, for all her help! 

Sandra Barnes

I participated in the BTS 6 week fit challenge and have learned SO much about the quality or lack there of in my case of food. The coaches are very knowledgeable, patient, and always willing/available to answer questions. I'll be able to apply what I've learned to make lifestyle changes, not just a crazy fad. It's worth every penny! 

Traci Kalish

These last six weeks have truly been life changing for me. After two years of surgeries, lots of highs and lows, this challenge has finally gotten me back on track! I’m amazed at how much more educated I am on what my body needs and how much better I feel when it gets it! Coach Jana has been a rockstar! So glad I participated and will continue you on with all that I have learned! 

Kierstin Hollifield

I am a runner, mom, Work full time. I never ate horribly but did not understand how to properly file my body for all that I do. Since I have started to work with Heather I have learned so much, lost some weight, am leaner, my running speed has increased and I am sleeping better! Working with Breakthrough Strength is one of the best decisions I have made! 

Shannon Call

Breakthrough Strength opened my eyes regarding nutrition and the importance of feeding your body. I believe I unknowingly are too little before and my body was holding onto fat and I felt tired all the time. I learned a lot about what type of foods best fuel my body. I'm very thankful to the consistent positive support from my coach, Maria Hock. She pushed me when I felt like giving up! My endurance improved and I see real results in my body. 

Jeff Merkel

I joined the 6-week challenge at BTS to fine tune my diet, lose a little weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Lauren has been awesome in helping me achieve those goals. She adjusted my macros to help meet my fitness goals, tweaked my post-workout drink to aid with recovery, and suggested changes to my diet to maximize its effectiveness. My energy level has never been better. I have lost about 8 pounds and I feel stronger. I would highly recommend Lauren and all of the coaches at BTS to anyone looking to make changes to their diet and/or lifestyle